by Andy B-B

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released January 28, 2014




Andy B-B Galesburg, Illinois

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Track Name: City Kid
I'm a city kid I grew up on train cars,
lights so bright you could swear it was raining stars
I'm white but I'm hood fresh, so much confidence,
girls cling to me like a shirt when it gets wet,
so I just smile and tell them they're beautiful,
'cause the ones I know are far from the usual,
life so fast sometimes the edges blur on me,
but my friends are always there, they never front on me,
I might not have money or fancy cars,
but I blast the amp on life like it was a guitar,
you want to ride with my girl? I'll take you far as you want,
we could go to Paris drink wine and eat croissants,
kiss you on the lips and tell you you're my everything,
I got high standards I won't settle for anything,
make sure I have everything remember my visa,
I can't get caught leaning like the tower of Pisa,
Haters always try and tell me how to live my life,
Go and get you're own find yourself a wife,
doubters look at me and suddenly get their tongue tied,
you can't say nothing, don't even try to hide (it),
I always keep it real so nothing is fake,
and I go full speed I forgot to fix the brakes,
listen to my messages, I'm so magnificent,
I don't have a rap sheet but I'm far from innocent,


Life so short so don't waste my time,
I only carry tens so I must be dropping dimes,
watch the night unfold people committing crimes,
instead of shooting guns, though, i commit to rhymes,
so charismatic you could swear I was the president,
and I live on the streets, you can call me a resident,
dropped a fifty for the waiter and said "don't mention it"
got a bucket at the buzzer, you sitting on the bench and shit,

Track Name: Introductions
Shots of bacardi in the back of the plane
So much money I'm makin it rain,
Kisses on the glass of my brand new car,
People follow me like I'm a star,
Autograph pictures for my friends and fam,
Smokin good weed up in Amsterdam,
Told y'all that I'm never gonna stop,
for my birthday i got a diamond watch,
Leapin up to fame like I'm Michael Trout,
I'm a V.I.P. tonight without a doubt,
Can't count the times I've been counted out,
I'm about my paper, what are y'all about,
Four hot models in the back of the Benz,
I took em for dinner i got cash to spend,
After that I take em up to the crib,
I got the liquor and they all wanna sip.

A-N-D-Y that's the name,
you don't know it yet? That's a shame
A-N-D-Y that's the name
you should know I'm on top of the game,
A-N-D-Y that's the name,
you don't know it yet? That's a shame
A-N-D-Y that's the name
you should know I'm on top of the game!

chased by the law but i outran the cops,
ran through the red light cuz i never stop,
chased by my rivals i reached for the glock,
pulled the trigger and it went pop, pop, pop,
No more mr. nice guy, I'm killin em all,
three on the board when i'm shooting the ball,
i'm so notorious like biggie smalls,
money raining down like Niagara falls,
honey lookin fine i saw her dancin,
she bit her lip when she saw me glancin,
stomp on the brakes to avoid the crash,
i just got hit with a million cash,
I live in the city with a million lights,
I live in the city with a million sights,
and when the cops come and read my rights,
my homies bout to start a million fights,

A-N-D-Y that's the name,
you don't know it yet? That's a shame
A-N-D-Y that's the name
you should know I'm on top of the game,
A-N-D-Y that's the name,
you don't know it yet? That's a shame
A-N-D-Y that's the name
you should know I'm on top of the game!

Ask you your name you lookin sexy
next thing you know we in the lexus,
time to turn the page of the book,
time to change the beat, it's off the hook,

Part II
What's new with you? I just won the lotto,
hit a home run like I'm Joey Votto,
going full speed don't care if I crash,
drive to the hoop like a young Steve Nash,
I'm born to win where's my award,
I kill these beats whenever I'm bored,
Shawty lookin fly in the back of the coupe,
turn up the heat like i'm swimmin in soup,
hang with scorcese cuz my life is a movie,
if you don't like it then go ahead sue me,
but if you do then go ahead do me,
cuz my lyrics are more poetic than Rumi
Sleepin in Vegas and I woke up in Paris
talk about style you're gettin embarrased,
tattle tale talker snitch on me later,
dressed in all black like Darth Vader,
you just seem like a common hater,
you always lose like you're Ralph Nader,
murder massacre many will call it,
so many shots and i made them all in
four more bars what can i say,
knock you out cold call me Cassius Clay
fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee,
my game so hot it's a thousand degrees,
big with the bat, i'm barry bonds,
makin money like magic where's the wand
the credits are rollin that's the show,
what's my name, you already know!
Track Name: Projects Prodigy
All of the races collide in a place
racist judgement based in color of face
terrible notions bring out the harmful prejudice
i became the projects prodigy my story is this

21st century and we're still in this psyche

Started in middle school on the lower east side,
thrown into the ruckus I quickly had to decide,
how to fit it 'cause that's the only way to survive,
three years of a backstroke from a cultural dive,
you see the melting pot was condensed in this school,
survival of the fittest was the name of the rule,
blacks and latinos on one side of the schism,
white and asians on the other side of racism,
fist fights everyday "let's rumble after class"
"I'd rather not, you'd probably kick my ass"
that's the only way I avoided getting broken bones,
a timid white nerd like napoleon's clone,
but what racism does is it blinds the people,
to a life of cynicism far from the church steeple,
I looked beyond and saw a few darker friends,
who could help me through and meet my ends,

All of the races collide in a place
racist judgement based in color of face
terrible notions bring out the harmful prejudice
i became the projects prodigy my story is this

21st century and we're still in this psyche

Around seventh grade that's when I started to rap,
If I could show off my talent maybe people would clap,
instead of getting involved in a gang and going to jail,
maybe i could inspire friends to go to Harvard or Yale,
It's amazing how quick people can be to judge,
so what I'm white, don't be holding a grudge,
Underneath the surface of skin we're all the same,
everyone's a brother, no matter what his name,
East Side West Side don't be startin no wars,
If you make it to the top, just wait and hold the door,
There's plenty hate in the world we don't need no more,
No more brothers getting shot outside the corner store,
It breaks my heart when kids get shot eating skittles,
What message are we sending with a hasty acquittal?
So instead of fighting over colors you can follow my lead,
become a projects prodigy and set yourself free

All of the races collide in a place
racist judgement based in color of face
terrible notions bring out the harmful prejudice
i became the projects prodigy my story is this

21st century and we're still in this psyche

Andy B-B
Peace and Love
Track Name: Too Fast
And it all goes so damn fast,
sometimes I forget the past,
but no matter what I'm born to last,
Anything bad is a part of the past,

Sometimes I feel like life is a movie,
hopefully at the end people don't boo me,
I used to hang tough my parents were fighting,
money was the issue, i heard the shouting,
Tired of the conflict, i would go to school,
teachers kick me out of class, cuz I act a fool,
tired of the racism and cultural rules,
just because I'm white why should I be a tool?
So I rap as a hustle, I report as a job,
standup so funny leaving people in awe,
I could've listened to the doubters, but I refused to,
pretty soon I'll be choosing where to cruise to,
South Beach, L.A., Paris, and Rome,
I'll sell out a concert at the Tokyo Dome,
Who Knows? Either follow me or witness,
I'll bench press the haters to boost my fitness,

And it all goes so damn fast,
sometimes I forget the past,
but no matter what I'm born to last,
Anything bad is a part of the past,

To hell to those saying I wouldn't make it,
All the haters know is how bad to fake it,
The money falls like leaves, it's time to rake it,
Got some hotties in the shack, time to shake it,
Courtside tickets Nets and the Knicks,
five hundred dollars on brand new kicks,
I went to Modell's, but you like Dick's,
My fame rises with every Youtube click (Yes),
the only thing I'm good at is being the best,
got a 2270 on the standardized test,
I guess you could say that I'm on a quest,
I'm a soaring eagle, just left the nest,
my future is brighter than the empire state,
My resilience is what makes me great,
you ask who's the realest? It's no debate,
A-N-D-Y it's no mistake.

And it all goes so damn fast,
sometimes I forget the past,
but no matter what I'm born to last,
Anything bad is a part of the past, Let's go

I killed the beat and I found it dead,
I silenced the haters and put them to bed,
I never thought success would come so quick,
I never thought you could be such a prick,
but lovers turn to haters when you're on top,
Even at the summit no I still won't stop,
Going so fast like I saw the cops,
Ice cold refreshment on the rocks,
got a paycheck so I'm runnin with it,
found a new style, so I'm stunnin with it,
No chance to go back, when I get the stacks,
I'll book it first class to LAX
Today is the start of the rest of my life,
i'm a player until i have kids and a wife,
i'm a player loaded with a gun and a knife,
i'm a player even in the afterlife

And it all goes so damn fast,
sometimes I forget the past,
but no matter what I'm born to last,
Anything bad is a part of the past, Let's go

Andy B-B, 2k13,
it's been real
Peace and love
Track Name: What Used to Be
All the thoughts of my past rushing back to me,
The smiles, the butterflies yearning to be set free,
I never knew we'd get so freaking distant,
'cause when I knew her I was so happy, she was so mystic,
I guess I should have known, should have been more realistic,
I fell so in love, when she turned me down I went ballistic,
I thought the hope was real, but she was just leading me on,
I thought about her daily, but the love game was just a con,
Drama now when we talk, nasty arguments we cuss,
I forget the good times in mistakes, even thought there was never “us,”
I used to be so jubilant with her, I cherished all the moments,
It was a one-sided love, now I've crumbled like the Romans.
I never expected to fall so hard from the top,
But when you put yourself on cloud nine, I guess it’s quite a drop,
I haven’t seen her since for so long, but for some reason I miss her,
She never felt the same, I guess it’s my past I’m after,
I could’ve seen it coming, but I misread the signs,
I thought I'd be with her, that it was in the designs,
So I’m trapped here, staring at the Mirror of Erised,
She’s the first one I cried for, and at the same time despised,
Every time I look at photos, I wonder where I went wrong,
I try to sleep at night, but I end up singing this song,
And I remember her smile, and the way we both laughed,
I felt the winds of change coming, but I realized it was just a draft.

She took me to to the park and asked me if I had ever kissed a girl,
I told her no I hadn’t, and then she met my lips, and flipped my whole world,
I held her and promised her I'd never forget that day,
And I haven’t, but I expected to remember it in a different way,

I remember laying in the grass, getting lost in her eyes,
But she told me it wasn’t meant, then flew away like a dragonfly,
When I finally saw the truth, a waterfall I cried,
My foolish love was so strong, like a wilted flower it died,
Whenever I saw her, it was always a sunny day,
But now all those happy memories have faded from rose to gray.
All the pretty gifts from Paris were bought and gone to waste,
'cause I put my heart before my brain, making mistakes in my haste,
I never got to tell her all the love for her I felt,
‘Cause she never welcomed those thoughts, and the ice will never melt,
Now when I talk to her it’s only “hello,” or “how is college?”
And how I never get to see her, and how the leaves are fallen in foliage,
What happened to that night, when you wore that beautiful dress?
You were the most beautiful that night, and everyone was so impressed.
Everyone asked me about you, and how long I knew ya,
I said three years, but that was empty 'cause I never saw through ya,
A concrete façade you put up, love you only rejected,
I guess it was infatuation, and now I only feel dejected
When you listen to this song, I hope you understand the message,
I cared so much for you, and you pushed me to the edge.
When I saw you last, you knocked me out before I could fight
Telling me I’d see you never, that was when you crashed my flight,
That’s all I gotta say I guess I’m moving on with my life,
Moving away from away from all the “ifs” and away from all the strife.

I hope when you find that someone special, he treats you like you’re his world,
Because you deserve nothing less, to me you’ll always be that special girl,
I’ll always have a place for you, in my young but exhausted heart,
That would always stop when I saw you, but I guess now it’s time for it to start.

(Skit: ft. Diana Angelika)
Track Name: Tic Tac Ho
I told y'all this skill is in my genes like denim,
poison spit killin em I'm a snake with this venom,
D-N-A rap shit flip it around add the Y
chromosome because I'm the man, girlfriend, AIIII
You know what?...I'm a product of my environment,
forcing all these Weak Skillz into early retirement,
killing my competition put the fun back in funerals,
but I'm vegetarian so don't serve up no sushi rolls,
First white rapper...without an "M" in his name,
but I'm murdering the game just the same, it's a shame,
your lyrics couldn't even beat Waka Flacka Flame,
you've got imaginary bitches like Teo from the Dame,
I guess you got the wrong number, I'm Supah Hot Fire,
Runnin on fumes, you are, toy-yoda with a flat tire,
Watching 8 mile, Detroit, shit got me feeling inspired,
Cuz this flow got em bankrupt, should I go back to the wire?
Cuz I was told that's the only show that white people watch,
"oh, no don't mention race Andy," go back to holding your crotch,
Because these days everyone is all about being P.C.
get with the program...I run my mouth with a Mac, UC?
L.A... that's where I'm heading next,
breaking up with these soft bitches over text,
My ego made my head too big, they say I'm a T-Rex,
I'm dropping a bomb on this show, like Saddam or Flex,
Next--time I'll fire past you like electron--ic waves
Shaking the ground like I'm made of tecton--ic plates
I'm so…Irate, this shit takes the cake, cake, cake, cake,
I'm shaken and baking like Walt Clyde when I make,
a basket a tisk or tasket, or maybe drink from a flask nd
crash your car into a tree like Jason...are you kiddin (me)?
I guess I should've planned ahead and gotten Geico,
Cuz I'm so full of myself I think I need lipo,
I'm Hurricane Sandy without the S but no typo,
Cuz I'll kill you in the shower like "American psycho"
Kick you off this dick like a bouncer on the kitchen counter,
Cuz you act like a clown and you ignant like an out-of-towner
the chick in the next song...called me a traitor,
but I don't really give a fuck cuz she's just a hater,
Growing up...I used to play tic-tac-toe
now instead of X's and O's, I cross exes and hoes

I'm out
Track Name: Remember Me
When the lights shut out, and it's my turn to settle down, my main concern,
promise that you will sing about me, promise that you will sing about me,
I said when the lights shut out, and it's my turn to settle down, my main concern,
promise that you will sing about me, promise that you will sing about me...

Why do good things end? That's the question i always ask myself,
I can't relax myself, I keep thinking about leftovers on the shelf,
or rather leftover hatred when we argued last time we spoke,
I could barely keep it together, my tears started to choke (me),
Because everything I felt for you went up in smoke,
You took me for granted like I'm a fucking joke,
The way it ended makes me forget how the fuck it began,
But you can't handle love so you just fucking ran,
away from me, you went silent and wasted all of my time,
so I'm putting my anger in the formation of rhymes,
It didn't have to be like this, but you changed your ways,
It went from "I love you" to nothing in a matter of days,
Years from now i hope you think and realize,
We could've been something when you analyze,
what used to be but what isn't anymore,
Because even if you go to the dollar store,
and win the lotto, it won't help you in the slightest,
Because love stings no matter how you fight it,
So when the bullet comes for me I think I'll bite it,
And turn the lead into ink so I can write it,
all down and inject my music into your brain,
think about what happened so you feel my pain,
Remember that night when i told you "I love you"
You said 'I love you too" do you remember it too,
I said you were the only girl that was ever there for me,
It was true at the time, i was blind now i can see,
See your smile feel my kisses on your head,
I cared so much for you, and now I feel like you're dead,
And if I die for real, I just hope…(shots fx)

We made a song together it was a remix of new day,
that's the way i felt with you, before you went away,
because every girl before you had been a replay,
when I got close to them they would never stay,
but you were different i got close and you got closer,
I'd go to your house and you'd make me eggs and toast or
Pasta with milk or something else from back home,
Because you miss your country now that your grown.
You miss your ex, who left your heart broke and brittle,
I'm sorry but I can't solve all of your life's riddles,
But it makes sense to me that you won't fall in love,
what if a guy leaves you when push comes to shove,
But I'd never leave you, if you were my baby,
I only left our friendship because you never said maybe,
Despite the fact that i gave you my heart and soul,
A platonic relationship was your only goal,
I'm sorry but I just can't stay friends when i fall
in love like I did, and you feel nothing at all,
How can you be numb after all we've been through,
making my heart beat so hard 'til it turned black and blue,
You said it yourself you would rather go,
with a guy you just met, does that make you a ho?
Well I guess if he's cute that's all that matters to you,
so maybe you are, and you'll cry when he's through,
fucking that other chick that he also just met,
and you'll call me voice shaky, mind full of regret,
for the way you discarded my heart like trash,
after all the time we spent, never gave me a chance,
If only you had, it would've been quite a romance,
it would never fade away, never fade away,
for years and years we could probably get married and have beautiful children and hold each other and never let go and all of the love would show in how we cared for each other, and it would be magic the way it worked out, the way it clicked for the both of us, there never was a doubt….


Sometimes I wonder how often you think about me still,
Now that I left is it nothing, anger, or a cold chill?
Do you remember the good times or only the bad,
When you look at old pictures do you only get mad?
Do all of your girl friends think I'm a jerk?
Do they all think I'm a loser who went berserk?
When we were friends your bestie went up to me,
told me you talk about me so I could see,
how important i was to you, to take care of you,
i bet she's disappointed in me now that we're through,
I bet you talk about me to the same friends that made you,
act the way you did and change your behavior,
because the girl I used to love was never mean,
we would laugh, link arms, and cause a scene,
we loved to be together and so it became routine,
to spend our time just the two of us like a team,
and when you changed i noticed in your persona,
like a new perfume a change of aroma,
except this aroma was hatred and distance,
an attitude of superiority and heavy indifference,
i kept trying to be calm and tell myself not to worry,
i'm overreacting, i'm dizzy, my vision is blurry,
but when it cleared it hurt more than ever,
i just hope when i'm gone (promise that you'll sing about me forever)


(Skit: ft. Diana Angelika)
Track Name: Haterade (ft. Diddy)
(Chorus: P. Diddy)
You can hate me now
but I won't stop now
cuz I can't stop now,
you can hate me now,
but I won't stop now,
cause I can't stop now,
you can hate me now,
you can hate me nowwww

(Verse 1: Andy B-B)
they tell i'm weak I ain't got no felony,
yet I'm killing these rappers til the damn death of me,
G.O.A.T. yeah that's my destiny.
haters only be bringing out the best in me,
people get mad, dissin my flow,
but either i'm speedin or y'all are fuckin slow,
try to touch me i'll break your arm or your back,
homies have empty pockets I have stacks,
Wait a second, back to the track,
i get high on music equivalent to high on crack.
hanging at the projects blastin these tunes,
eating fake thugs for dinner knife, fork, and spoon,
my success is accelerating like cars from cops,
but I'll never stop rhyming til the day I drop,
Gettin money like bumblebees get honey,
And all the ladies around me are so stunning
So if you have something to say, say it now,
You might not have time when I go pow pow pow

(Chorus: P. Diddy)
You can hate me now
but I won't stop now
cuz I can't stop now,
you can hate me now,
but I won't stop now,
cause I can't stop now,
you can hate me now,
you can hate me nowwww

(Verse 2: Andy B-B)
Flow so sick I should be in the hospital,
but I got ice in my veins, call me a popsicle,
Old hoes are mad they see me at the top,
they look at me now wishing I was in stock,
Verbal assassination a mouth with a glock,
You think I'm done, I just reset the clock,
I'll never stop, like a jet plane with a full tank,
Look at the standings, I'm the number one rank,
So speedy I'm gone, I'm fast and I'm furious,
Crazy like the Joker, why you so serious?
Criticize me, I think you're delirious,
Went to court "not guilty," if you were curious,
Tested time and again, and I always ace it,
judge me on color, I call that racist,
Can't stand the heat, it's time to face it,
I got what you want, and girls who chase it,
The game just began, I'm already a winner,
Pray for forgiveness, I'm always a sinner

(Chorus: P. Diddy)
You can hate me now
but I won't stop now
cuz I can't stop now,
you can hate me now,
but I won't stop now,
cause I can't stop now,
you can hate me now,
you can hate me nowwww

(Verse 3: Andy B-B)
The crowd gets on its feet every time I spit,
every rap I write is a number one hit,
Stop bothering me with all of this bullshit,
I don't often get mad, so don't try and push it,
I run this hood, I walk with a swagger,
I'm drunk off this shit, I'm starting to stagger,
Question me again you'll end up in a ditch,
I'm gonna take your money, and screw your----
I don't pay for college, college pays me,
I own the sports page, and college pays me,
They say the best things in life are free,
Including my bugatti, so toss me the keys,
I ignore all the stop signs, I got a ticket,
I paid for the champaign, I might as well drink it,
You think you know me, well you're wrong,
I'm high when I write, huffin out of a bong,
This the last bar, so get up on your feet,
My name is Andy B-B, this the sound of the street

(Chorus: P. Diddy)
You can hate me now
but I won't stop now
cuz I can't stop now,
you can hate me now,
but I won't stop now,
cause I can't stop now,
you can hate me now,
you can hate me nowwww
You can hate me now
but I won't stop now
Track Name: If You Was My Girl
If you was my girl i'd treat you like I would a queen,

With respect and love, 'cause you a reality from my dreams,

Make sure we know each other before getting into it,

Secrets are like gas on a fire, you avoid that shit,

And if I felt like we was falling apart, I'd never quit.

I'd apologize, and do my best to bridge the rift,

And if it got to the point that we couldn't get back,

I wouldn't hate you I'd hate myself because of what I lacked,

But it'll never ever get to that point and I'll tell you why,

Because I'll always be there for you, until your tears have dried...

Yes I will

You know I'll always be there

And you'd never be my bottom bitch, you'd be my only bitch,

If I ever thought about leaving you for another, I'd slit my wrists,

That's how dedicated I'd be, just so you know,

I'd buy you a diamond watch, just to show you ain't a ho,

You a sexy, independent, woman, and you the one i love,

I tell the truth, you're my angel, God sent you from above,

I'd never rush you, we'd do it when the time was right,

And I'd never curse or hit you, if we started to fight,

And if you ever wanted to get married and have kids,

I'd proudly help you raise them, and make sure they're always fed,

Support them with my salary, come for you, tuck them into bed,

If I was angry, I'd never bring my problems home from work,

If you were tired, I'd cook you dinner, give you a fork.

I'd never be an absent dad, I'll make you proud, never mad,

Because you deserve the best, I love you, so never be sad...

Never be sad

I'll always be there for you

(Skit: ft. Diana Angelika)
Track Name: Fire and Ice (ft. King Pharoah)
Verse 1
(Andy B-B)
It's yo boy Andy, real and goin on,
Asked me to play ball and I drained it, call me Lebron,
So many times I get asked to introduce myself,
I just tell 'em my name is Andy, I'm single, how 'bout yoself,
Born and raised in New York, I got my urban styles,
The train driver is my chauffeur, $2 and rack the miles,
Everywhere I go, confidence with a smile,
They say I'm charismatic, I guess I have a lot of guile,
I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast,
But people know my name from the East to the West Coast,
Skinny but I'm strong, my answer's never wrong,
just did my touchdown dance, call it fourth and long,
Living fast with no limits, swift and smooth I never blunder,
Hit you like a tornado, tearing houses asunder,
Got a fresh clique like Kanye, but we don't need a label though,
Got that Macaulay scholarship, so I'm still keeping all that dough,
Got that bow tie pasta, Bob Marley got me rasta,
I been watching Usain Bolt, but I think I can run fasta,
Rapping for my English class, gotta use the dictionary,
I get scholarships for making art, call it pictionary,
I like to party hard, and go to sleep late,
I'm a star in my college, call me Golden Tate,
Or call me golden gate, San Francisco, Cali,
Flip your cap upside down, because I'm always on the rally…

I can come with the fire, or I can go with the ice,
Runnin to the airport come and watch me take flight,
I'm improving so fast, pretty soon I'm out of sight,
I can stun up in the morning, or i can run it at night,

Verse 2
(King Pharaoh)
Andy B-B
I'm the King P
And I'mma kill it

A Dizz stingin' like a hornet from the seven trey deuce
Shout out to my SRG homies, there's no stopping my crew
My boy Andy B-B hit me up one day to come through
Now I'm in this booth answering who am I to every one of you
I let my game do the talking I never crave the attention
Average in height, I grab that mic, feeling like I'm 7 foot 7
Never affected by the hate cause my skin is built tough
Always hungry, the ambition I crave will never be enough
Always used to the feeling of being banged up and bruised
Tried running from the anger when I stepped into these track shoes
These forces hoped I would fall and dared me to choose
This war inside begged me to surrender and I always refused
To give in, Score first mentality, I'm going for the win
Crossed that finish line, sayonara I'll never see your ass again 
I'm ahead in The Game you Queens could only bite my dust
You took advantage of my life so you'll never earn my trust
Liberated from this pain so I've never felt so free
I will never let his failures define who I'm supposed to be
The best has yet to come, you haven't gotten the best of me
You can’t tell me what to do
I control my destiny
By my own rules

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3
(King Pharaoh)
I wonder and ponder how these dreams will take me far
In my life, I've been overlooked, I'm flying under your radar
Finally I have some peace and comfort, that's all I ever wished
I'm expressing this part of me that you never thought would exist
I never imagined that I would be in this position
Of conquering all these fears, just follow your intuition  
Blue skies so euphoric, we're just chasing that fame
I got that Heisenberg complex
Everyone will say my name
You're goddamn right
And to the fake ass people who ever disrespected me
I'll ether all you doubters and those who would only use me
I'm a hundred steps ahead, I never go to sleep
Pen in my hand, I can't wait for you cowards to hear it and weep
(Andy B-B)
Whenever I wake up, I wake up loving life,
and when i'm not I'm just creative, never need a knife,
I'm sticking to the script like brown on rice,
And I didn't mean white, 'cause judging color isn't nice,
I travel all over, look up and see my flight,
Guess you didn't catch it, now you're really tight,
I've been all over Europe, to Paris, Rome, and London,
but NYC is where it's at, the streets fill my mind with wonder
Someday I'll light it up like Times Square on a summer night,
Someday I'll light it up, no matter how tough I need to fight,
Someday I'll light it up, the end of this tunnel is in sight,
Someday It'll happen, just wait a moment, that's my flight...
Track Name: New Day (ft. Jessie Chen)
(Chorus: Jessie Chen)
Party people say, party people say
Ay it’s a new day, it’s a new day
World is gettin’ ready, everybody’s ready, yeah!
For a new day, for a new day, celebrate and say

(Verse 1: Andy B-B)
I had trouble sleepin last night, thinkin’ bout the old me,
All the choices I’ve made and struggling with myself to see,
The past is like Euridice, I can’t be looking back at it,
Gotta stand up for myself, because there’s simply no time to sit.
Waking up this morning, I look outside and realized that,
People desperately need a break, but forgot to get a kit-kat,
So we all move on, taking crowded busses and trains,
Quite a few of us have looks, but nobody has brains.
I saw myself in a store window and couldn’t believe myself,
Eighteen years, it’s been way to long to be sitting on a shelf,
So I dust myself off, and turn my computer on,
Gotta work to succeed, soon as you see me I’m gone.


(Verse 2: Andy B-B)
We could toast to my accomplishments, but why waste the time,
All my haters are looking backwards, and I’m on the climb,
I’m breaking news, y’all are just like dirty laundry,
You sit around and smell, just seeing y’all is a quandary.
So I brush the insults off like dust on a windowsill,
I worked hard for my money, hundred-dollar bills,
Everybody thinks the shoes are fit, try being in mine,
Try writing sophisticated and not cursing every line,
You can’t argue with an idiot, he can’t make any sense,
Sittin in a taxi, while I’m chillin in my Benz,
If you care about me, then you’re always my friend,
Some peeps are fakers, I want that conversation to end


(Bridge: Jessie Chen)
Clocks on the wall
It’s now or never at all
I’m gonna give it my all, oh-oooh
Whether I rise or fall, oh-oooh

(Verse 3: Andy B-B)
Like some stupid people I could say I’m the best in the game,
But I know I got work before people even know my name,
So I give it my all, and prepare for what’s in front on me,
I just float like a butterfly, and I sting like a bee,
I’m never scared of challenges, I take them on head-strong,
And if you think I’m stopping now, you’re undeniably wrong,
I could care less what you think, I’m my own person,
I paid time to be here, there’s no reimbursing me.
Wake up each morning, feeling stronger than the last,
I learn from my mistakes, but I’m not stuck in the past,
And so at the end of the day, no matter what they say,
I’m a stronger person, time to prepare for a new day.